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Plantiga is a mobile movement monitoring platform that enables researchers to capture biomechanical and gait parameters in any environment.

Plantiga systems



Military and Defense

Analyze the gait and biomechanics of recruits and operators to optimize warfighter equipment, training, and injury rehabilitation.


Remotely track gait parameters to monitor disease progression, evaluate current or experimental care protocols and support clinical trials.


Generate objective movement data to support university research in physical therapy, biomechanics, sports science, and related fields of study.

Plantiga Grants

Plantiga offers funding for graduate students whose research can benefit from our system. Apply through the link below.

Tech Specs

The platform extends from hardware and algorithms to analytics and front-end software.

Plantiga insoles sensor

– 6-axis IMU
– 416 Hz sampling rate
– Time synchronized


– On-board storage
– Non-wireless
– Records for 5 hrs


– Supercapitor
-Travel safe
– Charges in 20 min

Upload Software

– Windows

Mobile App

– iOS
– Android


– Customizable sizing
– Supportive EVA foam

Sensor Pod

– Small and durable
– 42mm x 47mm x 3.4mm
– Water and impact resistant


– Offset
– Gain
– Orthogonality

Upload Dock

– Magnetized connection
– Fast upload time
– Portable

What We Measure

By combining AI and our sensor data we have developed a clinical-grade wearable that produces a suite of high-accuracy gait and performance metrics.


– Gait Speed
– Cadence
– Distance Travelled
– Stride Length & Stride Time
– Stance & Swing Time
– Single & Double Support Time
– Gait Asymmetries
– Total Load & Intensity
– Load Asymmetry


– Speed (CoM and at the feet)
– Cadence
– Stride Length
– Stride Time
– Ground Contact Time
– Peak Acceleration/Deceleration
– Gait Asymmetries
– Total Load & Intensity
– Load Asymmetry


– Jump Height/Distance
– Reactive Strength
– Jumping Asymmetries
– Total Load & Intensity
– Load Asymmetry


Take a deep dive into the science behind our platform with these white papers, research articles and validation papers.


Accuracy of Reactive Strength Index (RSI) assessed with an instrumented insole Lawson et al. CSB 2020 (abstract) – to be published late 2020

Accuracy of (running) speed prediction with smart insoles
Lawson et al. CSB 2020 (abstract) – to be published late 2020

White Papers

The platform has a number of powerful capabilities made possible by combining machine learning and AI with our high fidelity sensor insoles.

Let’s discuss how plantiga can support your research goals.